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MIKIMOTO Announces Song Weilong as Global Brand Ambassador

MIKIMOTO Announces Song Weilong as Global Brand Ambassador

Today the perception of pearl jewelry is no longer associated with a specific gender. Pearls are not only considered as white and pure but also black and passionate.

In an unprecedented step, we are delighted to announce our first male Global Brand Ambassador, Song Weilong. With a visual concept to reinterpret Mikimoto Pearls, the brand presents a new image to redefine the style of pearls that defies stereotypes.

As the world's pioneer of cultured pearls, MIKIMOTO aims to create the multifaceted beauty of pearls by breaking its traditional preconceived notions. This latest campaign with Song Weilong showcases our latest collection – PASSIONOIR, defining a sense of "PASSION", infused with contemporary style and the endless possibilities that reveal the new excitement of pearls.